Propane Business Planning
The success of starting, acquiring or turning around a retail propane business depends on your ability to analyse several factors related to the business:
  • The size and nature of the market and your current or proposed market position.
  • The existing competition and local profit margins.
  • The growth prospects of your market area.
  • The amount of capital you wish to budget for the project.
  • The management team that you can provide for the business.
  • A detailed financial analysis of your proposed business.
  • A comprehensive business plan to address all of the above elements.
  • In the case of an acquisition, a valuation.
1st Propane's role in your business planning is to utilize our many years of experience in this industry to assist you. Including:
  • A comprehensive market analysis including competitors, market size, profit margins and growth prospects.
  • A real estate analysis to clarify the costs and timeline involved in securing the real estate necessary to establish the business.
  • A review of your capital requirements using a financial analysis based on your input and goals. This process leaves you with a custom spreadsheet file to continue to analyse your budget and growth.
  • The development of a personnel plan, including job descriptions, recruiting and training requirements.
  • A comprehensive business plan. We can review your plan and make comments, or you can use our template to guide you through the process, or we can provide a complete plan for your use.
  • If you a planning an acquisition, we can assist you with valuation, negotiations, due diligence and the above business planning process should be included in the acquisition. We are not brokers, therefore we work only on a fixed fee or hourly basis.
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