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Our goal is to provide dependable, reasonably priced "Worry Free" service for your home or business.


Types of Propane Service

The services described may not be available at all locations.
Contact your local 1st Propane® franchise owner for more information.

Residential Service
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Propane is used for heating your home, including space heating, water heating, ceramic log stoves, cooking, clothes drying, and gas barbeques. In general, propane can be used as a substitute for natural gas in areas where natural gas service is not available. Many natural gas appliances can be converted to run on propane.

Residential service is typically provided by a 124 gallon up to 1000 gallon tank, sized depending on your needs. Depending what you use propane for, a typical home will burn between 300 gallons (water heating only) up to 1500 gallons (a home heated with propane in the mountains or northern states) per year. Your consumption will vary with the size of your home and your personal needs.

Propane is sold by the gallon through certified meters. Your price is a per gallon price. Sales taxes and regulatory recovery fees are applicable in some areas. We attempt to size your tank so that you will receive 3-4 deliveries per year.

Certain regulations and recommended practices are in place for installing a propane tank safely. Your local 1st Propane® franchise owner can assist you with these regulations, which may differ locally.

Typical Installation Process:
  1. Trenching should be finished when we arrive (new installations).
  2. Appliances should be installed including all interior piping and venting.
  3. The tank will be installed.
  4. The entire system, including your house, will be checked for leaks.
  5. Someone must be at home so we have access to the house. 2 hours is typical for most installations.

For more technical information about your installation, and propane safety, Click Here.

For a Propane System Installation Guide, Click Here. (439 kb .PDF file)

Commercial Service

Commercial service is available for restaurants, hotels, wineries, forklifts, bottle filling stations, greenhouses, brooders, and many other large volume needs for clean gas heat. Every commercial installation is different and may have multiple options for service.. Your local 1st Propane® franchise owner will be glad to evaluate your needs. Please call him.

Budget Payment Plan

Tired of those big propane bills that hit you two or three times during the winter? Our Budget Payment Plan may be your answer!

You may sign up for this service in April, May, June and July. Your local 1st Propane® owner will estimate your propane consumption from your sign up date through the following April, add in your annual tank rental, and divide the total by the number of months remaining through the following March. You pay this amount in equal monthly payments through the following March. The following April is the month to receive a refund or pay any amount due based on your actual consumption during the year. This service is not a gurantee of a fixed price. You pay market prices during the year.

If is important to note that it is impossible to estimate exactly what your consumption will be and make the budget payments exactly cover your consumption. Lower prices and warmer weather may cause you to over-pay your budget plan and be due a refund. Higher prices and unusually cold weather may cause you to under-pay your plan and owe additional at the end. We watch the balance in your plan, and will notify you if you are sigificantly over or under paying your budget payment plan. We reserve the right to adjust the amount of your monthly payment.

As a member of the Budget Payment Plan you receive our normal price for propane plus our standard cash discount.

Pre-Buy Program

Pre Buy plans enable you to purchase your yearly supply of propane during the summer when prices are typically lower. As a customer, you will receive a notice when this becomes available. Customers that take advantage of this plan typically have saved a lot of money on their annual heating bills.

Tank Rental

We will assist you as necessary in planning the installation of your propane tank. We rent propane tanks from 100 to 1000 gallons in size for your use. Tank rental costs vary depending on your consumption and location. Installation includes delivering your tank, hooking up your system, performing a safety check on the system and lighting your appliances. Your tank is typically delivered with a few gallons in it, and our delivery truck stops by in the next few days to fill your tank. You must be home during the tank installation, which typically will not take more than 2 hours.

Worry Free Service

This is the most economical propane service. We accept the responsibility for your tank not running empty, and you receive a lower price for your propane, and the comfort that you will never be cold! Guaranteed ! Ask your local franchise owner for a copy of the Worry Free Agreement.

" Will Call" Service

You accept responsibility for checking the level in your tank, and call us when the tank reaches 30% or at least a week before delivery is needed. If you are careful about this, it will work fine for you. If you are not careful and your tank runs empty you may have to pay a special delivery charge and a charge for safety checking the system, plus you might be cold for period of time!

Customer Owned Tanks

If you own your own tank, we are pleased to provide propane service. For a new customer that owns their own tank, it is necessary to do a safety check on the gas system. We do not normally sell propane tanks, but will provide a quotation for a tank purchase in some circumstances.

The disadvantage of owning your own tank is the continuing need for maintenance as the tank gets older. If you are renting the tank, we accept responsibility for maintaining your tank.

" Switch Out" from your Current Supplier

We are pleased to accept new customers who feel that we can provide a higher level of service than their current propane supplier. The installation process will involve moving your current tank out of the way before installing our tank. If necessary and you have paid for the gas in your tank, we can pump your gas into your new 1st Propane® tank*.

*(This service is not permitted in New Jersey. N.J.S.A. 21:1B-4)

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